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3 stage surge protection-I.M.S Ltd

The PC1128 box is a combination of junction box and high power 3 stages surge protector. It provides protection for the load cells and the weighing equipment from possible damages caused by lightning and power surges.

Main features

  • Supports 1-4 load cells
  • connected in parallel (4 or 6 wires)
  • 3 stages protection to all 6 wires (excitation,
  • signal, sense) and shield line
  • ABS enclosure IP65 dust and moisture proof
  • Small and easy to install


Surge protection protects the system at the point of installation, so for the best protection it is recommended to have one unit close to the scale and the other next to the control system.


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    About the author


    Industrial Measurement Systems Ltd. has more than 35 years of experience in designing and manufacturing control systems and interface boards for various sensors which are being used across different industries and laboratories. We emphasize on Load Cell Interface controllers for real-time weighing applications and all our products were designed to fit the industrial environment.

    Our products allow the OEM manufactures and sophisticated end-users to easily develop their own PC / PLC based controllers – saving them hardware development cost and software engineering time.

    Our line includes the popular family of Load Cell Interface Cards (known as LCIC) which are being used for high speed real-time weighing applications and the world's most popular Portable Load Cell Tester. We also provide various software applications either to run on the PC or embedded into our boards. In addition to our standard line of products, we welcome requests to modify our products to fit our customer's special request.