About us

We started in January 2020 with a vision to become a news and information exchange platform for all the stakeholders in the weighing industry across the world, we are an online platform that provides easy access to knowledge of innovation, industry trends, products, services and social initiatives.

We take pride in keeping all information authentic and uncorrupted, on our website which acts as a strong foundation for our partnership with our news providers.

We hold a series of events, conferences and expert panel discussions and interviews to facilitate interaction between Buyers and Sellers. We seek to recognize the best practices by all players in each segment of the industry by publicly acknowledging and awarding their contributions through an annual Mega event.

Our team at weighingnews.com also aims to plug the lack of knowledge and awareness amongst users of weighing scales and equipment about the innovation and events in the field through our knowledge centre. We host a panel of experts to guide, help and assist on any technical and commercial matter related to the weighing industry.