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Actiw oy integrates Zemic load cells in their LoadPlate®

Actiw oy integrates Zemic load cells in their LoadPlate®; a semi-automated loading machine for containers and trucks.

Many companies make use of transport by containers and trucks. What if the loading of containers and trucks could be done much more efficiently?

Actiw ‘s mission is to help companies do this. Actiw is one of the leading outbound logistics innovators and solution providers for automatic truck and container loading systems. They solve, optimize and automate outbound logistics, to improve the safety and productivity of industrial loading.

One of the solutions they developed is the LoadPlate®. This is a semi-automated loading machine for containers and regular, non-modified trucks. Companies use the LoadPlate® for complex or long cargo, such as steel or lumber.

LoadPlate® can increase loading capacity by 33% and it reduces energy consumption. It can load up to 30 tons of cargo. It is important that the weight of the load can be monitored properly. Therefore Actiw uses load cells and associated electronics.

As a partner in force measurement we are able to help and create value for our customers. We are glad that Actiw have chosen to cooperate with Zemic in this field, so we can contribute to more efficiency and safe container loading operations

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