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  • With a readability of 0.001g, the MCS-LA is available in two weighing capacities: 200g and 500g. This analytical scale has, among others, counting pieces and tare functions, 21 types of weight units, RS232 serial port for connecting peripherals and rechargeable battery.
  • The MCS-LA has a robust and durable structure, LCD display with backlight, pan in glass with structure in stainless steel and sliding doors, and stainless steel weighing plate.
  • The other options, with similar features but meeting different process needs, are MCS-LB (weighing capacity of 2000g) and MCS-LC (capacities of 3000g and 5000g), both with readability of 0,01g.



MCS-LA 200g

Ref. 20325016901J

MCS-LA 500g

Ref. 20325017301J

MCS-LB 2000g

Ref. 20325024702J

MCS-LC 3000g

Ref. 20325030302J

MCS-LC 5000g

Ref. 20325034802J


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It was 1967 when our father Jose Pimenta Marques decided to start his own project in the manufacture of scales. He started working in the same facilities of his mother, taking advantage of the existing resources, but on his own, that is, creating his own company: Balanças Marques.

When he created Balanças Marques, our father José Pimenta Marques had the dream of improving the quality of life of our family, creating a sustainable business. With this goal in mind, he ended up launching differentiating products that marked the company's innovative and ambitious DNA.