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Automated weighing system in Ayr

Giropès has installed an automated weighing system that allows total control of the recycling and waste treatment plant.

The Ayr Recycling Centre is one of South West Scotland’s major recycling centres. It is also the main recycling centre in South Ayrshire and is located in the county’s capital.

The Ayr Recycling Centre has a fully automated weighing system designed and manufactured entirely by Giropès. The weighing system consists of a BPPCE EVO weighbridge which is installed embedded and controlled using two GST3 self-service terminals, two traffic lights to control the entry onto and exit from the scale, license plate recognition cameras and a vehicle positioning detector on the scale.

The special feature of this installation is the presence of GST3 terminals with their unique repeater function. The installed weighbridge has two GST3 terminals on each side of the scale, so that it can be managed in both directions. Moreover, in order to adapt the installation for large vehicles (trucks) and light vehicles (vans), the two original terminals were installed higher up for truck drivers and two more terminals that perform the same functions as the higher ones were installed at a height suitable for smaller vehicles.

The GST3 repeaters, are the same as the terminals in appearance, but they do not have their own computer, but they allow management of the higher terminal via their touch screens, optimising resources and, therefore, lowering costs.

The entire automated system that surrounds the weighing system is configured and managed using the GESNET2 software, which is specially designed for Waste Treatment Plants and allows complete control of the truck scale and GST3 self-service terminals.

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