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Axial Scales-PKM Industrial

Axle scales are an economical, adaptable, and portable solution for vehicle and truck weighing. As with any other Rice Lake truck scale, the durable construction sets these products apart from the competition.

Technical specifications:

AX3040 Axle Scale: The AX3040 Axle Scale is easily portable, available in various lengths, and is ideal for monitoring vehicle weights at temporary sites.
– System includes two platforms with anchor brackets and four on/off ramps with anchor tabs (anchor bolts not included)
– Sizes: 7, 12 and 14 feet long
– Construction: Steel or aluminium
– Axle capacity – Tandem Platforms: 60,000 or 80,000 lbs. (30,000 lbs. or 40,000 lbs. each)
– Includes (4) 5 / 8-11
NC Eyebolts
– JB4SS TuffSeal® Signal Junction Box – Top Plate Treated with Four Lifting Eyes
– 10 ft. EL146HE interconnect cable with MS-type connectors to pass between weigh pads
– Contains two load cells per platform
– 50 ft. EL147HE cable to connect weighing platform to indicator
RoughDeck® AX-1 Axle Scale: Equipped with a top and bottom steel platform, Rice Lake AX-1 Axle Scales ensure long-lasting performance in the toughest conditions.
– 50,000 lb capacity
– Contains four environmentally sealed, IP67, IP67, single-ended beam load cells
– Treated top plate
– TuffSeal® JB4SS signal cutout top access junction box
– Trim holes Top Access
Foot – Carbon Steel Ball Feet
– 20 ft SURVIVOR® EL147HE Cable
– Non Legal for Trade
– Includes (2) 1-8 NC Eye Screws
RoughDeck® AX Axle Scale: The RoughDeck AX Axle Scale is the affordable, portable choice for vehicle and truck weighing while maintaining accuracy and accountability, even in temporary site applications.
– System includes two platforms with anchor brackets and four connect / disconnect ramps with anchor tabs (anchor bolts not included)
– Axle capacity – tandem platforms – 60,000 lb (two scales 30,000 lb each)

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