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Batching systems with several scales


The system has been designed to control basic batching with two or three scales with one litre-counter (max 20Hz); suitable in particular for concrete asphalt plant. The DOS2005 system allows to control up to 3 scales.
DOS2005 has been designed to control two or three scales simultaneously with one litre-counter (max 20Hz); suitable for all kinds of industrial applications, in particular for concrete plant. Scale “A” can control max 8 products; scales “B” and “C” can control max 4 products each. An important characteristic is that batching can be started from a weighing scale even if the other scales have not finished the batching cycle (max 1 cycle of displacement)

Main functions

– Programming up to 20 formulas.
– Zero-setting and calibration are performed from front panel keys.
– Checking of the load cells connection.
– Batching start via keyboard by setting desired cycles (max 9999).
– Batching start from external contact for only one cycle.
– Option to execute autotare on first component.
– “Tapping” function: It is possible to select the slow-on and slow-off times.
– Automatic fall calculation for each product.
– Consumption memorization x 10, x 100, x 1000.
– Possibility of resuming batching cycle from point of interruption following a blackout.
– The litre-counter quantity can be modified also during the batching phase.
– Possibility of manual batching by the keyboard.
– Regarding the display of the scales “B” and “C”, is able to read up to 4 digit; after exceeding the value 9999 the display shows the value with movable point (for example 11.50 means 11500).

The system is composed of:

  • Main unit: weight indicator series DOS2005
  • from one to two weight indicators model RIPE
  • one 6-output relay module


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