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Like all of our digital weighing equipment, the BM5 XS Suspension scale combines excellent hardware and software, results of the latest technology. From BM5 XS you can then expect high performance at all hours – performance guaranteed by the latest generation ARM processors and a motherboard fully developed and produced by Balanças Marques.

Equipped with ETPOS 5 and an LCD touch screen – with 12.1 inches and projected capacitive technology -, our scale offers a unique, intuitive and special user experience.

By using the BM5 XS you can count on unprecedented agility, efficiency and speed in serving your customers. Ideal for fishmongers, our BM5 XS suspension scale goes far beyond simple weighing. The integration of ETPOS makes it a device with integrated management capability that issues all kinds of legal documents and allows you to do your daily tasks, such as weighing, registering and invoicing.

All of this on a single platform, on our BM5 XS scale.


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    About the author


    It was 1967 when our father Jose Pimenta Marques decided to start his own project in the manufacture of scales. He started working in the same facilities of his mother, taking advantage of the existing resources, but on his own, that is, creating his own company: Balanças Marques.

    When he created Balanças Marques, our father José Pimenta Marques had the dream of improving the quality of life of our family, creating a sustainable business. With this goal in mind, he ended up launching differentiating products that marked the company's innovative and ambitious DNA.