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Configurable Weight Controllers with Built-in Applications

Why build a weighing application from scratch when Hardy has already done it for you? OEMs and machine builders often need a weighing solution that can not only be customized to fit application requirements but also has weighing application functions built-in.

Customizable built-in applications include feeder control, dispensing, filling, rate control by weight and check weighing.

To determine a product fit, first, you would configure one of our weight controllers to suit your customer’s application:

  • Decide if you need a standalone unit or plug-in for a PLC
  • Specify it with or without a display
  • Choose either AC or DC power
  • Add some Digital I/O
  • Select a communication network: DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, ControlNet, Allen-Bradley Remote I/O, Profibus, Modbus TCP/IP, Serial or Analog
  • Choose between a panel/remote mount, a DIN rail mount, and a wall mount. With a display, you choose either to panel-mount the entire assembly, or to mount the controller housing assembly remotely.

Next, select the application that fits your requirements.

  • Feeder control
  • Dispensing/dosing
  • Filling
  • Rate control by weight
  • check weighing

Finally, select the product that best fits your application.

Feeder Control and Rate Control by Weight:

  • HI 1756-FC PLC Plug-in Module for ControlLogix
  • HI 1769-FC PLC Plug-in Module for MicroLogix
  • HI 4060 Rate Controller

Filling and Dispensing

  • HI 3010 Filler/Dispenser
  • HI 1756-nDF Dispenser/Filler

Check Weighing

  • HI 4050CW Check Weigher


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