DD700 Weight Indicator – Weightron


The DD700 is our entry-level weighbridge indicator, suitable for a range of weighbridge applications.

It comes with a number of features typically only available on more expensive instruments.

  • Weights and measures approved
  • Can be used with both our CPD digital and CPR analogue load cells
  • Wall and desk mount versions in ABS (DD700) and stainless steel (DD700i)
  • Easy to use alphanumeric keypad
  • Standard “Double Weighing” software allows you to perform a Netload calculation, using pre-programmed ‘Product, Client and Vehicle Registration’ data
  • Client and Host USB ports
  • Optional printers and barcode readers
  • Ideal for upgrading most types and makes of existing weighbridges

In driver-operated weighbridge applications, the DD700 (linked to our external 2060 Driver Terminals) is typically installed in the gatehouse and/or control room to provide local weight information for operators.



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