Dosing System for Larvae – ALBA


Due to world population growth and modern lifestyle, humanity is confronting many challenges. Trying to meet the growing demand for food, intensive agriculture contributes to the carbon footprint, which results in the environmental and climate crisis. Another consequence of the growing world population is increasing waste volumes, demanding an innovative management approach.

According to the latest research Black soldier fly (BSF) larvae turned out to be a promising, lower carbon footprint option, compared to more traditional sources. Due to their nutritional composition, BSF larvae could become an alternative protein source for both food and feed. They contain more than 30% of proteins, moreover, they are high in lipids, fibers, and minerals.

Compared to the current way of feed crops cultivation, mass production of insects requires significantly less water, surface areas, and energy for the same nutritious value which means a step towards a sustainable and circular economy.

In Alba, we also invest our knowledge and experience to develop sustainable technological solutions and one of our latest achievements is a dosing system for larvae. Our team of experts managed to overcome the difficult challenge of larvae dosing since larvae belong to an extremely demanding dosing material due to their specific features which usually hinder a smooth dosing process.


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