Drive Through Road Weighbridge

Technical Description
Main load-bearing members are heavy-duty universal beams.
Cross members are rolled steel column spaced at 500mm. The centres are fully welded for maximum strength and rigidity.
Loadcells are mounted on the outer of the side beams for easy access and protection from water and spills.
The structure is fabricated from a high grade blasted material. After fabrication, the structure is primed and two coats of gloss finish applied.
Load cells
Platform structure has push-in sockets for lightning protection system.
Loadcells fit inside a lighting protection system with a mounting cup unit to suit a loadcell.
A simple flat concrete slab is required with ramps to 300mm.
■ Portable ramps
■ Load pillars to provide additional height and deck clearance
■ Any length supplied
■ Any width supplied
■ Any capacity supplied
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