Dynamic Weighing Software


BB-DyAW is a Windows-based application specifically designed to aid in the management of the vehicle weighing process through dynamic axle weighing, weighing collection, external display and ticking and reporting.

With each weighing done, the weight of each axis is displayed on a repeater screen, in order to make the operator / trucker easier to see.

At the end of each weighing process is printed a bead with information on the number of axles, weight per axle, total weight of the truck, operator, date and time, etc …

The software will manage information about the various customers / suppliers, products, conveyors, loading and unloading locations.

All weighings will be stored in a central database to allow viewing of data previously stored on the various computers running the application.

A communication bridge will be developed with the software already existing in the client, with the help of those responsible for managing the software by the client.


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