Ferro Concrete Weighbridge


This is the weighbridge for the harshest environment

Concrete weighbridges have always been considered
as the ‘for life’ option due to their rigidity, resistance
to corrosion and anti-friction properties.
Traditional concrete weighbridges have always been
difficult to transport and install due to the high weight
of the structure and re-siting is almost prohibitive due
to these costs.
The ferroconcrete model is a new generation machine
that represents a new concept in weighbridge design.
The weighbridge is manufactured in modules only
1.5m wide and in lengths up to 6m long.
Due to the new design and construction materials,
an 18m weighbridge can be delivered to site on
the standard articulated vehicle, and as no section is
heavier than 5000kg, a smaller crane than is usually
required can be used for the installation.
The ferroconcrete weighbridge can be also be
loaded into a 20’ container making easy export for
international requirements.
The standard pit mounted weighbridge has
removable centre access plates to provide easy
access for pit cleaning without compromising
the integrity of the structure.
For surface mounting, bolt-on side rails are available
as vehicle guides.
As with all of our weighbridges, heavy-duty stainless
steel load cells are used with the latest instrumentation.
Sizes and capacities are available to 30m and 150
Tonnes from standard modules.

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