Forklift scales


Eliminate the need for additional steps in your material handling process. Instead of taking the product to the scale, place a scale where your product has already been placed. PKM Industrial has several options for on-board weighing with both forklifts and pallets.

Products data:

CLS-420 Forklift Scale: The CLS-420 forklift scale mounts directly to any Class II or III forklift, saving material handling processes time and money.

CLS-920i Forklift Scale: The CLS-920i forklift scale mounts directly to any Class II or III forklift and comes with the additional programmable and diagnostic features of Rice Lake’s powerful 920i indicator.

RL-HPJ Platform Scale: Weigh and transport pallets in an aerodynamic process with Rice Lake’s RL-HPJ manual pallet scale.


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