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Helper XE-PKM

Onboard Excavator Weighing: Installing accurate, easy-to-see on-board weighing solutions and payload monitoring allow fleet operators to control moved loads, reduce transportation costs, and improve productivity. A new generation of powerful and easy-to-use OnBoard weighing solution.


The bulldozer works in remote areas where truck scales are far away and therefore accuracy of truck loads is of paramount importance, along with data management sent for billing or production evaluations directly from the machines excavators. With helperXE installed on board, you are confident that each bucket is weighed, load is within allowable limits, production is under control, quantity moved is remotely transmitted for mining haul analysis and stock inventory . helperXE has been created following VEI’s twenty years of experience in excavator application.

High precision

● Minimal components without junction boxes
● Avoid overload fines by loading from the first place
● Reduce transportation cost by avoiding underloading
● Reduce cycle times on the weighbridge
● Weigh bridges and associated running costs can be eliminated
● Charging efficiency tracking
● USB data transfer at no additional cost
● Sales tracking and inventory help
● End-to-end management of the payload process, with printing of delivery tickets and data sent to the system real-time billing using wireless cellular technology.


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