How Often Should You Calibrate A Medical Scale?


The frequency with which you should verify the weight accuracy or calibrate a medical scale is determined by a variety of factors. It is usually determined by how and where it is utilised.

To create a calibration schedule, consider:

  • How frequently is the scale used?
  • If the scale is changed from one point to another often,
  • Whether or not a patient’s weight will influence their medication dosage

A medical scale may need to be calibrated outside of its regular schedule for a variety of reasons.

  • A physical event that could change the scale
  • Extreme fluctuations in temperature
  • Replacement parts installation

Your scale may not need to be calibrated even if one of the aforementioned occurrences has occurred. Pay close attention to the weight numbers on your scale. It may be time to calibrate if you notice a large weight fluctuation in a short period of time. However, using a certified calibration weight to confirm the scale’s accuracy is the best way to establish whether calibration is required.

Calibration weights that have been certified are ideal for patient scale calibration. They ensure that your scale is properly calibrated and ready for weighing in healthcare settings. Consumer weights, such as barbells or similar objects, will not offer an accurate weight to calibrate or check your scale. Using a certified calibration weight ensures that your scale is properly calibrated and that precise weights are shown for optimum patient care.

Preventative maintenance inspections, in addition to regular weight accuracy tests with certified weights, are an excellent approach to keeping your medical scale in good working order. Medical professionals can detect and repair malfunctioning equipment via preventative maintenance examinations. To avoid equipment failure, all medical scales should be serviced on a regular basis. This, together with regular weight checks, will keep your medical scale in good operating order.


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