How to apply to become a Government Approved Test Center (GATC)?


With India growing at such an exponential rate, the burden on Legal Metrology Offices is increasing substantially causing a delay in the procedures. As a solution to this, The Government of India introduced the concept of Government Approved Test Centres. GATCs would act as a private counterpart of the Legal Metrology Offices. Here is how you can apply for it.

According to The Legal Metrology (Govt. Approved Test Centre) Rules, 2013 any person who desires to obtain recognition as a GATC has to make an application to the Director, Legal Metrology.

Who can make an application?

Only the Principal Officer of the said laboratory is permitted to apply. According to Legal Metrology (General) Rules, 2011 the appointed Principal Officer should be a graduate of a recognized university in Science (with physics as one of the subjects), technology or engineering or holds a recognized diploma in engineering with three years of professional experience. The Principal Officer should be able to read and write in the state language as well.

How to write the application?

The application to the Director, Legal Metrology has to be drafted according to and should include all the details mentioned in the Second Schedule as below :

Application for Approval of Government Approved Test Centre

  1. Full name and complete address of the person/ applicant;
  2. Name of the weight or measure for which Government Approved Test Centre has been applied;
  3. The detail and complete function of the applicant;
  4. NABL or Director, Legal Metrology certificate or certificate provided by any other institutions specified in the rules;
  5. Experience detail in the relevant field of the applicant;
  6. No. of persons employed and their particulars;
  7. The total area of the organization including the detail of the Government Approved Test Centre proposed.
  8. Qualification of Principal Officer and his deputy ——–;
  9. Detail of the standards available with the Institutions and other testing Facilities;
  10. Are the officers of the applicant has acquired the training in respect of quality management system (ISO/IEC 17025) and measurement of uncertainty from any recognized laboratory in India and abroad;
  11. Copy of the Quality management system of the laboratory, if available;
  12. Experience in the field for testing of the weights or measure;
  13. Any other information which the applicant may consider to be useful for assessing the performance of the applicant;
  14. Details of the Demand Draft
  15. Jurisdiction/ area for which application is made.
  16. Undertaking that person or applicant will abide by the provisions of the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 and the Rules made thereunder.
  17. Consumer complaint number.
  18. Signature of the applicant.

Every application shall be in triplicate, accompanied by complete documents and terms and conditions.

What is the fee for application?

According to the Legal Metrology (Govt. Approved Test Center) Rules, 2013, a fee of rupees ten thousand shall be deposited in the form of a demand draft and the same will be paid at the time of renewal. The same amount of fee shall also be deposited by the applicant at the time of addition of one or more weight or measure for verification in the certificate of Government Approved Test Centre.

For how long will the certification be valid?

The authority will grant approval for one year after that, on inspection, the same shall be renewed for a period not exceeding five years at a time


To know more about what the Director, Legal Metrology should consider while making a recommendation and other details refer to the document attached –



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