How to read a certificate that is issued by the Legal Metrology Department.


The legal Metrology Department has two types of certificates. One is for Digital Weighing scale that is individual for each scale. So it would have a serial number, other details, etc of a SINGLE WEIGHING SCALE. On the other hand, the certificate for mechanical scale is in a lot. Example Hindustan Scale Company – HSCo has manufactured 100 pieces of 20 kg Weights. So HSCo will not be issued 100 certificates. It would be issued a single certificate having the quantity of 100 pcs of 20 kg Weights. The below Certificates would make it clear


Electronic Scale that we manufacture for 300 kgs.

  1. The bar code that identifies the certificate
  2. Serial No: The serial number of the Certificate. This one will be carried forward in your next certificate once you Restamp your scale at the end of the Renewal cycle
  3. Date: The date when the certificate is issued
  4. Place: Place of stamping. This would be either the inspector’s office or the Manufacturer’s premises as mentioned in the Pt 5
  5. Manufacturer’s Name and Address.
  6. Inspector’s Name: The inspector who has verified the scale and putting his/her seal on the scale
  7. Receipt No: This is the receipt for the amount that the Manufacturer deposits in the Government Treasury
  8. GRN Number: This is the GRN number when the manufacturer fills the verification fees of the Scales online
  9. Details of the Weighing Scale that is being Verified:
      1. The maximum capacity of the weighing scale. In this scale, we have verified a 100/200/300 kg scale.
      2. Make: Hindustan Scale – This is our own manufacture
      4. Class: This is a Class III scale which means that is a medium accuracy scale. Class II scales are high accuracy scales that are used in Jewellery and bullion industry. Class I scales are used for ultra-high precision like diamonds and life-saving drugs. There is also class IIII scales that are low accuracy scales. These are used for Coal, Hay, etc.
      5. This indicates that this certificate is valid for how many pieces. In this case, the certificate is valid for one (1) piece
      6. This is the cost of stamping of the scale. In this case, it is 400/-
  10. This is the total fees that Hindustan Scale has paid for this scale.
  11. Date before which the renewal has to be done: THIS IS AN IMPORTANT DATE. IF THE SCALE IS NOT RENEWED BEFORE THIS DATE YOU ARE LIABLE FOR UPTO A FINE OF 25,000/- OR MORE. For electronic scales its one year.
  12. This certificate can be used by the manufacture. In this case, it is Hindustan Scale Company
  13. This is the digital signature of the verification inspector along with her division


Absolutely all the points are the same as in the case of an electronic certificate. The only differences are that in a mechanical scale certificate

  • In the point 9a and 9e there was only one scale. Here there are a lot of weights, one piece of 100 gm, 5 pieces of 20 kg CI Weight, etc. Hence Mechanical scales are verified and the certificate is given in Lots.
  • Look at the Due Date: In this case, when you compare the date of stamping and the date of restamping, the difference is two years. Hence always look at the due date to Restamp the scale.
  • You see, there is an additional charge of 185/- This is the on-premise fees. That because the inspector has come to our premise and stamped the weights and hence taken an additional charge of 50% extra to cover his time and travelling expenses. So don’t be suspicious if there is an extra line in the expenses.



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