This question is extremely subjective because it depends a lot upon the following factors

  • Which industry you are in?

  • What is the maximum that you want to weigh

  • What is the accuracy level that you desire

  • What is the product that you want to weigh

Let me explain why I am asking you these questions before I can generalize a rule to go about which is the best scale for you

  • Which Industry are you in

At Hindustan Scale Company (HSCo) we firmly believe that the industry that you are in should shape the scale that you are going to purchase. For example, if you are in the retail agriculture industry and in the retail poultry industry, you would need a 30 kg scale for both since its retail. But in case of a retail agriculture industry, you would need a MSB scale and in the case of the Retail Poultry Industry you would require a PRC scale which is a price computing scale. If you take MSB for the poultry scale or the PRC scale for Retail Agriculture (Grocery) industry, you would be looking at very surprized customers.

  • What is the maximum that you want to weigh.

If you are in the Fishing business and want to weight at the port a tub of fishes, it would range from 60 kgs to 300 kgs. So you have to decide what is the maximum that you want to weight and select the scale accordingly. We always recommend that you take a scale that has a weighing capacity of atleast 20% more than the maximum that you would want to weigh, to factor in the rough handling of the scale by labour and accidental dropping of excess weight on the scale.

  • What is the accuracy that you desire

This entirely depends again upon what industry you are in. if you are making life saving drugs and need an extremely precise scale you would have to buy a very high accuracy scale. So you need to go for a class I scale. On the other hand if you need to weigh grocery, then an ordinary scale with Class III accuracy of 1 gm is also ok with you. So again, it depends entirely upon your industry.

  • What is the product that you want to weigh.

The type of product that you want to weigh decides the shape of the scale that you will purchase. Like if you want to weigh animals, you will need to go for a platform scale. On the other hand if you need to weigh grocery and want to keep the scale on a counter top you will need to buy an HSCo-SSS scale. Also if you have a counter top then you would ideally want to buy an HSCo-MSSP.


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