LCIC-WIM monitoring package


The LCIC-WIM Monitor utility is a vital tool for analyzing dynamic load and force systems.
It takes full advantage of the board’s speed and samples the load cell signal at maximum samples per second.
It sends the data to the PC via the USB port and displays it as a curve – load cell signal/time.
Customer are able to zoom, keep the data in a standard file for later use or even run some calculations like averaging on a part of the curve.

Main Features:

  • Update the PC via USB at a rate of ~15,000 sample per second.
  • Displaying the curve of the load cell signal versus time with options for zooming in & out.
  • Shows Max (peak) and Min readings.
  • Keep all results in a standard ascii file for later use.
  • An option to read results after filtering – this helps choosing the right on-board filter.
  • An option to immediate average on the relevant part – this helps to see immediate results for applications like WIM and Checkweigher.
  • A separate viewer utility that allows reading and analyzing the saved file at any PC.
  • Curve and file results can be printed to hard copy.

Typical applications for monitoring:

  • Analyzing noises and vibrations in a belt conveyor or any dynamic weighing system. For example the time it takes for stabilizing after a load was applied.
  • Check scale behavior for slow / high speed WIM applications.
  • Measuring max. (Peak) and min. forces on a scale / testing machine – this helps to select the suitable load cell for optimum performance.
  • Running tests and getting immediate final weight results on WIM and Checkweighers.


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