LCIC-WIM Weighing controller


Weighing packages on a conveyor

Seeking for weighing packages that are running on a conveyor at high speed? Looking for high accuracy? I.M.S Ltd. Is happy to announce that we have released an embedded application for our LCIC-WIM board that was especially designed to handle such applications.

The embedded on-board sophisticated algorithm of the LCIC-WIM, runs all necessary filters to clear the mechanical noises and finally provide the external computer with the product’s net weight via the RS-232/485 or USB communication port. The controller is directly connected to the conveyor scale (utilizing standard analog load cells) and the two photoeyes at both conveyor sides.

Taking advantage of being the most powerful and high-speed load-cell interface board (see: Load-cell interface board) it can handle high speed conveyors @2.5-3 meter/second (500-600 f/m) with excellent accuracy. It will be able to process 2 products passing the scale nearly at the same time if there is enough distance between them. We provide also a PC utility for easy setup and for immediate start.

Needless to say, all drivers are included. A customer can make his own PC application or just send the data to another host computer. Being in the real-time weighing field for 30 years, with thousands of boards installed around the world and well known OEM customers, we have no doubt that this Catch-Weigher controller, will allow any company in this field to release the most sophisticated product with minimum time to market.


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Industrial Measurement Systems Ltd. has more than 35 years of experience in designing and manufacturing control systems and interface boards for various sensors which are being used across different industries and laboratories. We emphasize on Load Cell Interface controllers for real-time weighing applications and all our products were designed to fit the industrial environment. Our products allow the OEM manufactures and sophisticated end-users to easily develop their own PC / PLC based controllers – saving them hardware development cost and software engineering time. Our line includes the popular family of Load Cell Interface Cards (known as LCIC) which are being used for high speed real-time weighing applications and the world's most popular Portable Load Cell Tester. We also provide various software applications either to run on the PC or embedded into our boards. In addition to our standard line of products, we welcome requests to modify our products to fit our customer's special request.