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Load Cell Interface for WIM

Very High Speed, Intelligent Load Cell Interface Card with USB/RS232/RS485

The LCIC-WIM was designed to fit the most demanding real-time weighing and force measurement applications.
On the one hand, a very fast load cell interface allows users to capture the data at around 18,000 samples per second.
On the other hand, it is equipped with a powerful processor, 8 I/O, analog output and display that allows it to run embedded applications.
This is for customers that require real-time and immediate response.

Comes ready with embedded algorithms for these applications:

  • WIM– Weighing Trucks & Trains in motion. Fits HS (high speed) and LS.
  • LIW – Loss In Weight rate controller for continuous feeding to a process.
  • Batching & Filling controller – Stand alone controller for high speed net-weight fillers. Example: Bag filling machine.
  • Checkweigher – Makes the board a stand-alone controller that fits most common Checkweighers. It includes outputs for rejects.
  • Force measurement & Monitoring forces – useful monitoring utility, a vital analyzing tool for all dynamic load and force measurement applications.
  • High speed in-motion weighing controller – To weigh packages while passing over a conveyor.

Main Features

  • Very high speed; Internal A/D 52,000 samples per second
  • Updating the PC at streaming mode at a rate of 18,000 samples per second
  • 24 Bit A/D with ± 8 million counts for tension and compression applications
  • Powerful 32 bit / 135 MIPS DSP for high speed onboard processing. OEM applications can be embedded on the board
  • 4 opto-isolated outputs configurable as setpoints, latching alarms or user outputs
  • 4opto-isolated inputs; Input #1 has counter option
  • Analog output 0 to 2.5V,16 bit resolution
  • 8 digit LED display, LEDS to show the board status and I/O status
  • Easily updating of firmware, free to download from our web site
  • On board temperature sensor
  • USB Interface; 2.0 Full Speed compatible
  • RS232/RS485 communications. Ideal for PLC based applications
  • Multiple boards may be connected via USB or RS485

Specifications Load Cell input

  • 5 Volt excitation for up to 10 load cells in parallel (350 Ohm)
  • Compatible with 1,2,3 mV/V strain gage load cells
  • Low noise wide bandwidth amplifier & 24 bit ADC
  • Standard interfaces
  • USB 2.0 Full Speed compatible
  • Combined RS232/RS485.


  • 4 opto-isolated solid state relays rated at 50V, 300mA Configurable as setpoints, latching alarms or user outputs. Each with status LED.
  • Adjustable Analog output (0 – 2.5V) with 16 bit resolution.


  • 4 opto-isolated inputs with 10-30 VDC range. Each with status LED
  • Input #2 configurable as high speed counter
  • Input #1 configurable as sample trigger (option)

Dimensions (mm)

  • Standard OEM model 160 x 100mm (1/2 Eurocard)
  • ABS cased (option) Standard OEM model 160 x 100mm (1/2 Eurocard)
  • ABS cased (option)

Software included:

  • LCIC-WIM Calibration Wizard software is included with each board
  • Drivers and examples for programmers on how to communicate with the board
  • PC application software for an easy start-up for each one of our embedded applications

The LCIC-WIM Monitoring package utility – A vital tool for analyzing dynamic load/force applications

The graph was obtained with our monitoring utility, showing truck axles measured at 55 km/hr.


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    Industrial Measurement Systems Ltd. has more than 35 years of experience in designing and manufacturing control systems and interface boards for various sensors which are being used across different industries and laboratories. We emphasize on Load Cell Interface controllers for real-time weighing applications and all our products were designed to fit the industrial environment.

    Our products allow the OEM manufactures and sophisticated end-users to easily develop their own PC / PLC based controllers – saving them hardware development cost and software engineering time.

    Our line includes the popular family of Load Cell Interface Cards (known as LCIC) which are being used for high speed real-time weighing applications and the world's most popular Portable Load Cell Tester. We also provide various software applications either to run on the PC or embedded into our boards. In addition to our standard line of products, we welcome requests to modify our products to fit our customer's special request.