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LS788-WIM™ Portable Weigh-In-Motion Scale


Low-Profile Portable Scales for Screening & Weight Enforcement

In areas not served by permanent weigh stations, portable scales allow for screening and enforcement by vehicle safety officials. The LS788-WIM™ scale utilizes strain-gauge technology in a low-profile solar-powered scale for ease of operations.

Low-profile scales and roll-up ramps are easy to deploy and decrease the height required for the vehicle to roll onto the scales. Transported in the trunk of a vehicle, the system can be set up by one person under 15 minutes. Intercomp’s portable WIM technology will deliver an accuracy of 2% to 3% dynamically at speeds of up to 10 mph (6 km/h) and ± 0.5% for static weighing. The solar-powered, low-profile LS788-WIM™ is the ideal system for deployment in portable enforcement sites.


  • Capacities to 30,000 lb (15,000 kg)
  • Dynamic Accuracy of 2% to 3%
  • Wireless Indicator Options
  • 150% Overload Protection
  • Low-Profile Height of .87″ (22 mm)


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