This smart and advanced load cell converter will turn any strain-gage load cell to a “smart” digital load cell. Very low power consumption allows a load cell to run on standard batteries for several years! Built-in temperature measurement and time/date clock. Standard RS485 communication with open protocol allows easy access from any PC / PLC


Main Features:

  • Very low power consumption saves the need for an external power supply. Will run on 3 or 4 standard AA batteries for several years (depending upon the required sampling rate)
  • Standard RS485 communication open protocol with up to 64 units connected along one cable
  • Built–in date / time clock + temperature measurement that also compensates for L/C zero drift
  • Multi-point calibration including Hysteresis correction to improve load cell linearity  or, direct entry of a mV/V calibration table. Calibration allows to choose readings resolution and engineering units as well as max load cell capacity to avoid overload. Calibration can be named e.g. S/N 123456 and locked with a password
  • Built-in Data-logger that stores up to 8,000 readings with date/time and temperature. Customer can easily set up the intervals between readings to be seconds, minutes, hours or even days…
  • Supplied with free PC applications, that allow direct reading of weight/force, temperature as well as setup of the sampling time for the data logging feature
  • Load cell can be used for tension and compression after the calibration, while zero remains in the middle

Typical applications:

  • Measuring testing and data-logging of forces of ground anchors, rock bolts etc.
  • Monitoring and data logging weights and temperatures in sites that has no power supply
  • Option for “Tailor made” firmware to fit any special requirement

Main Specifications:

  • Bridge Excitation: 3.3v
  • Minimum sensor impedance: 150 Ω Bridge sensitivity: ±3mV/V External power supply: 4.0V-24V Internal A/D resolution: 24bit
  • Internal sampling rate: Up to 1200 samples/second Operating temperature range: -30c — +70 c
  • I/O: 2 outputs + 1 input Opto- isolated Communication: Open RS485 protocol Size: 30mm X 23mm

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Industrial Measurement Systems Ltd. has more than 35 years of experience in designing and manufacturing control systems and interface boards for various sensors which are being used across different industries and laboratories. We emphasize on Load Cell Interface controllers for real-time weighing applications and all our products were designed to fit the industrial environment. Our products allow the OEM manufactures and sophisticated end-users to easily develop their own PC / PLC based controllers – saving them hardware development cost and software engineering time. Our line includes the popular family of Load Cell Interface Cards (known as LCIC) which are being used for high speed real-time weighing applications and the world's most popular Portable Load Cell Tester. We also provide various software applications either to run on the PC or embedded into our boards. In addition to our standard line of products, we welcome requests to modify our products to fit our customer's special request.