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650-10-1 Neonatal Scale – Ricelake

  1. LCD display

  2. Dual-range capacity for increased precision

  3. Unit of measure locking

  4. Automatic shut-off for long battery life

  5. Motiontrap™ movement compensation technology

  6. Built-in measuring tape

650-10-1 Neonatal Scale

The 650-10-1 neonatal baby scale precisely weighs even the most active babies up to 33 lbs. Motiontrap™ movement compensation technology compensates for involuntary movements and provides a stable, accurate weight reading. Enhanced precision is essential especially when weighing premature infants. The 650-10-1 provides these precise weighments from zero to 10 pounds with accuracy within 0.05 ounces. A two-sided removable tray keeps babies safe and a built-in measuring tape ensures quick and easy measurements.

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