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BBL-1 Stainless Steel Beam Load Cell

The BBL-1 series of beam load cells are available in a wide range of capacities from 10kg through to 500kg. They are manufactured entirely from stainless steel and have a fully welded construction, providing a high level of environmental and hermetic sealing to IP68. The design makes them ideal for use in harsh weighing environments where wash down of the application is required.

The BBL-1 can be supplied complete with a vessel/tank weighing assembly, which is designed to make installation easier and to provide a means of realising the best accuracy from the product when installed, by eliminating the effects for vessel/tank thermal expansion. More details on the assembly are available on a separate datasheet.

We offer a wide range of additional instrumentation products to further enhance the product within a complete system. For vessel weighing applications, there are several displays and signal conditioners that can be offered to provide a complete weighing solution.


  1. Can be supplied with vessel mounting assembly or shock mounts

  2. Environmentally sealed to IP68

  3. From 10kgs to 500kgs

  4. Fully welded stainless steel

  5. High accuracy


  1. Vessel Weighing

  2. Hanging Scales

  3. Conveyor Weighing

  4. Tensile Test Machines

  5. Small hopper/tank weighing

  6. Bagging machinery

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