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Cleaning Under a Floor Scale

How to clean under a floor scale – Health and SafetyThe Problem:We might as well face it, cleaning under conventional floor scales is problematic and often neglected. To properly clean (in and under) most conventional floor scales, they need to be lifted and/or removed entirely (especially if installed in a pit). The process can be labour intensive, costly and lead to significant down-time. However, cleaning should never be overlooked. Debris built up in and under a scale can interfere with the loads cells and other components causing inaccurate weight readings, costly repairs, in addition to health and safety concerns.

Contaminants left under a floor scale can allow for bacteria growth and lead to salmonella or listeria eventually making its way into product.  Obviously, this creates a serious health risk to the public and financial liability for the facility found to be the cause of an outbreak.

The solution:

The Interweigh Systems Lift Deck floor scale is designed to eliminate hard-to-reach corners, crevasses, and other areas where debris can collect.  The Lift Deck offers open access for cleaning in and around the platform, making it the ideal candidate for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The Lift Desks built in gas-pressurized lifting struts make it easy for a single person to lift the hinged deck plate with minimal effort.  With the interior exposed, cleaning can be performed quickly, and the scale immediately placed back in service. The sealed tube and solid bar design ensures that there will be no accumulation of debris after washing.

The Interweigh Systems Lift Deck is available in many configurations and can be customized to meet your needs:

  1. Platform sizes range from 2 x 2 feet to 4 x 6 feet. Custom sizes available.

  2. Weighing Capacities from 1,000 pounds to 10,000 pounds (500kg to 5000kg).

  3. Mild Steel Construction available in Smooth plate or checked deck (for non-wash down environments).


  1. Stainless Steel construction is available in a smooth plate or checked deck with four hermetically sealed load cells and a remote Nema 4X summing box (for washdown environments).

The low profile design comes with adjustable feet, making it simple to level and align with an optional ramp or install in a pit. Two integrated gas-pressurized lifting struts allow a person to easily lift the deck for cleaning and maintenance.  The integrated safety supporting bars ensure that when the deck is in the up position it stays in the up position.  The all-stainless-steel Lift deck with hermetically sealed load cells is the ideal solution for environments where pressure washers are used for cleaning.

Various digital indicators and controls are available for use with the Lift Desk. Basic digital indicators such as the ISI-99 feature lb/kg switching and push-button tare.  Others may be connected to peripheral equipment such as printers, remote displays or interfaced to a computer system.

Let our knowledgeable sales team review your application and recommend the best combination of equipment to meet your individual requirements. Interweigh Systems offers professional installation, calibration and preventative maintenance to help keep your investment operating at peak efficiency.

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