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Find out how easy it is to connect the newly redesigned XPR Analytical balance to your higher-level

Easy, Compatible Connectivity for Productivity and Security: The New XPR Analytical Balance from METTLER TOLEDO

With a range of integrated connectivity options, the XPR Analytical balance is easy to network with your data-management system and other lab equipment, old and new. This ability to quickly link up and transmit data speeds up analytical processes, enhances data security, and prepares your lab for the future.

Greifensee, Switzerland—1st September, 2019—The XPR Analytical balance, the latest entry into the METTLER TOLEDO Excellence weighing portfolio, is easier than ever to connect to existing information-management systems and other lab devices to enhance productivity and secure current and future equipment investments.

Multiple options simplify connection. With USB, Ethernet, RS232 ports and the latest connectivity solutions, you are able to link the XPR Analytical balance to label printers, RFID readers, barcode readers, and more, helping to optimize the efficiency of your analytical workflow. These same connection options make it easy to transmit results to your existing information-management system, eliminate transcription errors and ensure accurate data-processing and storage.

The inclusion of both very basic as well as high-level connectivity options make it possible for you to continue benefitting from your current equipment investments while allowing you to plan for future laboratory development and expansion. The addition of LabX® can also add the ability to centrally manage laboratory processes, giving you full networked control of up to 30 instruments.

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