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Global Lifting Awareness Day-GLAD2020

The lifting industry is celebrating Global Lifting Awareness Day on July 9 with a social media campaign to raise awareness of high-quality lifting practices. Everybody is invited to participate in the social media blitz.

Organized by the U.K. industry group Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA), the July 9 event, aka, GLAD, has four key targets.

  1. – Where is the next generation of the workforce going to come from?

  2. – Remind end users that high-value matters.

  3. – Remind stakeholders and health and safety officials that the lifting industry matters.

  4. – COVID-19: celebrate and highlight the successes of industry players.

“There’s a concern right now globally as to where the next generation of the workforce is going to come from, and that’s one of the targets of GLAD,” said Ross Moloney, LEEA CEO. “We want to take an opportunity to show kids, those looking for a career change, those on military leave, that the industry isn’t just hard, dirty, and unglamorous. The industry has a lot to offer.”

All too often our industry is hidden, ignored or unrecognised by end-users and certainly by some of the supply chains that we serve. Global Lifting Awareness Day is about getting the whole industry and the associated supply chains to recognise the importance of high standards in lifting, the significance of quality and how to ensure lifting best practice.

GLAD on 9 July 2020 will be a big day for our industry so make sure it’s in your diary and let’s raise global awareness of high quality lifting practice – not forgetting to add #GLAD2020 to it.”

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