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Designed for Simplicity  and Robust Flexibility

Hardy’s all New Caseweigher machine is designed for SIMPLICITY using off-the shelf components and a PLC control platform to afford users enough FLEXIBITY to meet both current and future control needs.

At the heart of the equipment is Hardy’s Checkweight controller sampling at 4,800 times per second to provide extremely accurate and fast weight data for packages from 1 to 50 lbs at speeds up to 60 updates-per-minute.

Featuring a large touch screen HMI display, operators can easily navigate between different product recipes or adjust machine set-up parameters. The open frame is constructed of durable round tube that is available in either painted or stainless steel.

Maintenance-Free motor drive rollers further eliminate complexities typical of chain or pully conveyor drive systems.

Open Source Hardy Caseweighers are built on a PLC platform – making it easy to modify the machine program to accommodate current manufacturing & data requirements, yet flexible enough to meet future needs. Customize the HMI to show information important to your process. Available in both Allen Bradley and Idec PLCs.

Off-the-Shelf  Simple design and minimal use of custom parts. Controls built using readily available components such as the PLC, HMI and Power Supply – making replacement, emergency repairs or upgrades quick and easy. Plenty of spare I/O and the ability to expand provide a future proof control platform.

Seamless Integration Machine communications over an EtherNet/IP backbone make integration quick and data exchange simple. Serve up process statistics, manufacturing performance and machine status to you control network by addressing the equipment thru one of the spare Ethernet ports available or add a network switch to tie in additional peripherals such as printers, bar code reads or vision systems. Use readily available real-time data to optimize upstream processes or create closed-loop control by exchanging tags with another device on the network.

CheckMaster Software Built in VISUALIZATION TOOLS eliminate the trial & error process of product set-up, enabling operators to capture the entire checkweighing process and display it on the machine’s high-resolution screen. Quickly and easily determine the perfect set of parameters to maximize weight capture time and optimize for repeatability and accuracy. Real-time accuracy (3-Sigma) tracking, automatic off-set calculation, statistics package and Hardy weightless C2 calibration are all standard features with every machine.

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