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Innovative measurement technology from Kistler is driving vehicle development

Winterthur, September 2020 – On October 7 and 8, 2020, Kistler will be hosting the vEXPO virtual trade fair for automotive research and testing. The aim of this free two-day event is to promote the exchange of information on key trends and technologies. As well as presenting Kistler’s automotive applications, the vEXPO will include a virtual conference with interesting presentations from industry and university experts.

During the event, Kistler will be presenting its wide range of measurement solutions in the field of automotive research and testing to provide customers, partners and other interested parties with information and inspiration on all aspects of vehicle development and safety. Visitors will be able to navigate a virtual 3D model of the exhibition stand and explore the various exhibits. The event is complemented by a virtual conference, featuring keynote presentations and lectures by various industry experts on important trends and current issues in the automotive industry. The opening keynote speech will be given by CEO Rolf Sonderegger. Visitors will be able to actively participate in the lectures, ask questions and engage in discussions with the speakers. They will also have the opportunity to take part in guided virtual tours of the exhibition, which will be offered several times a day. Anyone interested in an individual discussion can make an appointment in advance and meet a Kistler expert face-to-face on the virtual 3D booth.

Effective solutions for complex tasks

The demands on vehicle development are becoming increasingly complex. That is why Kistler’s Automotive Research & Test (ART) Division develops innovative measurement solutions for engine and vehicle development. Among other things, highly precise measurement results support the development of environmentally friendly engines and the construction of lighter vehicles. At the same time as the requirements for energy efficiency and environmental friendliness are increasing, so too are the expectations of the automotive industry for vehicle safety and driving comfort.

On its 3D exhibition booth, Kistler will be presenting key technologies that promote the development of environmentally friendly combustion engines, enable the construction of lighter vehicles and make a significant contribution to improving vehicle safety and driving comfort. NVH behavior (noise, vibration, harshness) plays a central role in these areas. It not only influences vehicle performance, durability and reliability, but also ensures that customer expectations are met in terms of drivability, comfort and brand image. NVH engineers are currently developing concepts for how the vehicles of the future will sound and feel.

At the vEXPO, Kistler will also be offering individual advice on various cylinder pressure sensors and optical combustion analyses. These make it possible to record engine processes in detail and thus identify optimization potential. In addition, the KiBox analyzes thermodynamic processes in the engine and detects undesirable knocking behavior. Using these measurements, engineers can optimize the efficiency of engines in terms of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

The vehicle safety trend

An additional focus of the trade fair presentation will be on fatigue strength and vehicle safety. Whether for tire tests or measuring systems, crash tests and the corresponding dummies, Kistler offers a wide range of options for optimizing data collection and analysis. Among other things, these can be used to measure, evaluate and improve the quality of dynamic control and ADAS systems from start to finish.

Innovative sensor technology also plays a crucial role in the safety of modern vehicles. For example, the THOR crash test dummy is equipped sensors that optimally resolve the distributed force application when the dummy is immersed in an airbag. Various software solutions, such as the MaDaM measurement data management system and the jBEAM post-processing software record, analyze and visualize relevant data sets. Kistler attaches great importance to individual consulting and supports customers in the reporting and further development of existing vehicle safety systems. In discussions with Kistler experts at vEXPO, visitors will be able to determine which solution is suitable for which application.

The vEXPO will take place on October 7 and 8, 2020, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Participation is open to anyone interested and is free of charge. Kistler will be using Zoom as a platform and, on request, will be conducting tours of the booth via Webex. More information and registration here.

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