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Filling systems for dust and granule materials Different type of filling processes are applied according to the types of the materials and filling constructions; weighing into a container and emptying, weighing during discharging, discontinuous weighing and totalizing, etc… Based on its know-how, technical experience and powerful products portfolio, BAYKON will develop you the best solution. EU MID approved, legal for trade pail, drum and container filling systems. BAYKON offers you high-performance filling terminals and optimum solutions for your liquid and dust weighing needs:

-Adaptive filling control; material flow changes because of temperature, viscosity or level changes are traced and cutoff values are automatically compensated. -Accurate, fast and repeatable filling -Direct connectivity to PLC’s via field bus interfaces. -EU MID legal for trade approval -ATEX approved systems for hazardous areas.

Functional Features

Can filling systems -Very cost-effective solution for can filling operations -Sturdy construction with levelling feet -Below-surface filling with lance raise by weight or below-bunghole filling -Very simple installation and easy to use -Standard design with 2 weighing ranges -Also available in stainless steel design

Drum filling systems -Very cost-effective solution when it comes to realising only the filling process -Sturdy construction with levelling feet -Very simple installation and easy to use -The filling mode can be selected, either below-surface, below-bunghole or above-surface mode -Control of customer’s product pump or pilot valve is included

Pallet filling systems -A very cost-effective solution as the whole control and operating modules are directly at the filling station -Below-surface filling with lance raise by weight, below-bunghole filling or above-surface filling -Appropriate solution if handling is possible only from the front -Sturdy column construction -Control of customer’s product pump or pilot valve is included

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