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Maintaining Your Livestock Scale – Ricelake

Why Should You Calibrate your Scale?

You should calibrate your livestock scale not only for Legal for Trade options, but so you can continue to ensure the accuracy of the scale. Keeping your animals healthy, whether for profit or not, is still very important. If your scale is not accurate, it could be difficult to tell when your animals are having health problems. Modifications to your scale and installation of replacement parts can also affect your calibration.

Maintain the Condition of your Scale

It’s also important to maintain your scale’s condition while it’s in use to help ensure accuracy. After each weigh-in is complete, and before the next animal is led onto the weighing platform, verify your scale has returned to zero. A scale that doesn’t return to zero will not provide accurate weight and may need to be re-calibrated.

By working with an extensive certified dealer network, Rice Lake can help ensure your livestock scale is professionally installed by a licensed scale technician. Learn more about Rice Lake’s livestock scales or contact one of our weighing specialists.

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