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The Portuguese company Balanças Marques has launched the application “Quilo”, which allows the remote control of all its Weight Indicators.

The mobile application, developed in partnership with SDILAB, a company of the same Group of Balanças Marques, allows easy, fast and safe access, from anywhere, to Marques Weight Indicators connected to scales and platforms. The “Quilo” allows the user to remotely execute all actions in the weight indicator, as if in front of it. The application implements a virtual keyboard that emulates the indicator own keys, which executes the instructions as if the keys were pressed physically. Simultaneously, a virtual display allows the visualization of the physical display of the Indicator, thus allowing full control of the equipment and the real-time visualization of the weight update, in Kilograms (kg) or Pounds (lb). Communicating through TCP/IP protocol, the application allows an easy and fast unlimited configuration of the equipment to be controlled, with the possibility of activating only those that it is desired to control at the moment, and it is also possible to remotely receive support from the technical assistance team. “Quilo” is compatible with the full range of Marques Weight Indicators with Ethernet connection and is available for Android® or Apple® mobile devices, in smartphone and tablet formats, in multiple languages.

General features:

– Control the Weight Indicators remotely as if in front of them. – Allows remote support from the technical support team. – Communication made via TCP/IP protocol, allowing for easy and fast setup of the equipment you want to control. – Real-time visualization of the weight update. – Display of weighing units in Kilograms (kg) or Pounds (lb). – Unlimited configuration of Weight Indicators with activation of only those who want to control at the time. – Access to all functions available in the Weight Indicators: On/Off; Shift/Cancel; Zero; Tare; Fix Tara; Send Data /Print; Total. – Access to all signal indicators that shows the current state of the equipment: Count; Total; Tare; Fix; Net; Stable weight; Zero. – Besides the normal operating mode, it also allows to operate in the configuration and editing modes. – Compatible with the full range of Marques weight indicators with Ethernet connection. – Compatible with Android® or Apple® mobile devices in smartphone and tablet formats. – Languages: Portuguese, English, French, Spanish and Chinese.

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