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PL9000-26 Alloy Steel, Hermetically Sealed Load Cell – Ricelake

The PL9000-26 is a heavy duty, shear beam load cell designed for kingpin plates and underbody mounts. Available with either a single bearing plate or two separate bearing plates, the PL9000-26 has a 2.3 inch profile and is 26 inches long.

PL9000-26 Specifications

Full Scale Output: 0.725 mV/V at 12,500 lb

Output Resistance: 350 (nominal)

Input Resistance: 350 (nominal)

Material/Finish: Alloy steel

Temperature: 14 °F to 104 °F (-10 °C to 40 °C)Rated Excitation: 15 VDC (5 to 10 V recommended)

Non-linearity: ±0.1% full scale

Insulation Resistance: 500 megohms at 50 VDC

Seal Type: Hermetically sealed, IP68Connector Type: Conxall, 4-pin (male)

Connection Pin Out: A – Excitation + B – Signal + C – Signal – D – Excitation –

Warranty: One-year limited

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