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Process of Application for Verification and Reverification – E-Tulaman

According to Rajasthan Legal Metrology Enforcement Rules,2011, every person using any weight or measure in any transaction shall present such weight or measure for verification/ re-verification, at the office of Legal Metrology. 

Here is a step by step guide to apply for Verification/ Re-Verification of weights and measures in Rajasthan.

Step 1-

Visit: and log in using your SSOID and password.

In case a person has not been assigned an SSOID, they can register and obtain the same.

Step 2-

After login, you will either find E-Tulaman on your dashboard 

Or you may click on the ‘Application’ and it will show.

Step 3-

Upon selecting E-Tulaman the following window displaying the dashboard.

For the first time registration, please select the ‘Original Verification’ which will lead you to the following window giving the various options to choose from.

For Re-Verification, please select the ‘Re-Verification’ which will open a window asking for the Assessment number.

Step 4-

Further, the application will be shown in the Requested Application list.

From where it will be moved to the Pending application list.

Step 5-

Upon completion of your application, the application will be verified and will either be moved to ‘Rejected application list’ or ‘Approved application list’ with its status and remarks

In Accordance, with Rajasthan Legal Metrology Enforcement Rules, 2011, certain guidelines need to be taken care of- 

  1. Any weight or measure is such that it cannot, or should not be moved from its location, the person using such weight or measure shall report to the Legal Metrology Officer at least thirty days in advance of the date on which the verification falls due. For the verification of any such weight or measure, the user shall provide facilities as specified by the Controller. 

  2. On completion of verification and stamping the Legal Metrology Officer shall issue a certificate of verification in the form set out in Schedule -VIII, Rajasthan Legal Metrology Enforcement Rules, 2011.

  3. Fees payable for verification and stamping of weight or measure at the office or camp office of the Legal Metrology Officer shall be as specified in Schedule IX, Rajasthan Legal Metrology Enforcement Rules, 2011.

For more details regarding the processes please click on the link below:

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