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Product PDF TC Series, Rice Lake Toploader Balance

  1. Large, 16.5 mm-high, backlit liquid crystal display (LCD)

  2. 12 units of measurement

  3. Mono-metal tuning fork sensor (MMTF) provides quick response and stability

  4. 20-step bar graph display

  5. Semi-automatic calibration, external weight

  6. Plastic housing on models <1,000 g

  7. Plastic top and die-cast bottom on models >1,000 g

TC Series, Rice Lake Toploader Balance Specifications

Weighing Units: Carat, Pennyweight, Troy Ounce, Decimal Ounce, Decimal Pound (See technical manual for complete listing)

Operating Modes: Weight, Count, Percentage, Limit Function (Checkweighing)Power: 115 VAC adapter included (230 VAC optional)

Operating Temperature : 41 °F to 95 °F (5 °C to 35 °C)

Calibration Weight: TC-620: 600 g TC-1200: 1,200 g TC-4200: 4,000 g TC-6200: 6,200 gEst. Weight: TC-620: 2.9 lb (1.3 kg) TC-1200: 2.9 lb (1.3 kg) TC-4200: 5.9 lb (2.7 kg) TC-6200: 5.9 lb (2.7 kg)

Warranty: Five-year limited

Return Policy: Rice Lake standard policy

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