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Put Your Trust in Dimensioning – Ricelake

Ascell Sensor is located in the city of Martorell, Spain and is an independent company founded in 2002. The company specializes in the manufacturing of standard load cells, with a focus on the production of high-quality stainless-steel products and laser welding for any industrial or agricultural environment.

Compared to other companies, Ascell Sensor was shipping all their products by manually finding the dimensions of each package. This manual process can take an extensive amount of time to do and can create flaws in the dimensions. Jaime Rubio, the CEO and co-owner, knows that time is money and they need a faster solution.

Ascell Sensor knew they needed a faster process that could easily integrate with their current workstation. The time it took to measure each dimension and weight, was taking longer than they wanted. Also, manually calculating each shipment package, increases the risk of human error. Due to the possibility of human error, there is a chance of potential revenue loss. Using the correct dimensions when shipping your products is essential for saving money.

After being given a demonstration of Rice Lake Weighing Systems’ iDimension® Plus, Ascell Sensors knew this was the best solution to increase productivity. With industry leading speeds, the iDimension Plus captures images of packages, flats, poly bags, tubes and irregular-shaped items to calculate the dimensions of shipment packages. “Speed is important, and just 0.2 seconds is incredible in my opinion,” says Jaime.

Ascell Sensor is very satisfied with their product choice. Jaime says “The payback time is very short, avoids human error and provides us with a series of information to improve our logistics lines.” They are also already in the process of making the system completely automatic and plan to include more iDimension Plus into their other operations. “As in any weighing application, precision is very important, if the system were not precise, it would throw the automatic palletizing process out of balance.” says Jaime.

What is the best part according to Ascell Sensor? “Behind the product, there is a capable technical team to train Ascell employees and give us support if we have any problems.” Jaime has no doubt about the durability of the product, because he knows that it is backed by the quality of Rice Lake.

The iDimension Plus has helped Ascell sensor increase productivity, eliminate revenue loss, and is backed by a company they trust. With the ease of integration into their own system, they are happy they chose Rice Lake Weighing Systems’ iDimension Plus.

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