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Safety with the MSI Clamp-On Load Cell

Overhead Weighing’s Best Kept Secret

We ensure safety and efficiency in our lifting processes by using our MSI Clamp-On load cell to measure wire rope tension on our overhead lifting equipment. The Clamp-On load cell easily integrates with pre-existing systems, so we can have a more convenient, versatile option. The installation is also very quick and requires very minimal down time for the equipment.

At Rice Lake, we installed a Clamp-On load cell on a wire rope bridge crane used to transport truck scale modules throughout the production facility to protect the crane from loading above capacity. As the name implies, the installation is as simple as clamping the load cell near the dead end or termination point of the wire rope. Immediately after installing the Clamp-On, we used the MSI-8004HD remote display to calibrate the Clamp-On load cell, ensuring it would measure accurately. Once calibrated, the Clamp-On system is able to use weight-based set points and communicate with remote electronics to let our operator know when they are nearing potential overload of the crane’s safe lifting capacity.

In cases where we are nearing the maximum lifting capacity, we use our MSI-7000HD transmitter to communicate with our MSI-8004 LED remote display interfaced to an audible alarm to provide operator alerts based on unsafe load conditions. Our product manager for MSI overhead weighing solutions explained how the alarm works with the Clamp-On. “The remote display is green when the weight is safe for operations. Our overhead crane has a 10,000-pound capacity. When the weight is over 9,000 pounds, the display will change to orange as a warning. When the weight is over 9,500 pounds, the display changes to red and the alarm will sound to let the operator know that they are very close to the maximum capacity. The operator will then stop what they are doing to lighten their load or risk damaging the overhead crane.” Although not used in our application, we would also have the option to tie in relay outputs to limit the hoist functions in an overload condition.

MSI Clamp-On load cells are designed to be used with crane rigging, clevis and overhead weighing applications. The Clamp-On load cell is ideal for operations currently using cranes, as well as crane manufacturers and original equipment distributors in the crane and overhead material handling industry.

The seamless integration of the MSI Clamp-On load cell with our crane is a safe and convenient solution for Rice Lake Weighing Systems. Using the Clamp-On load cell first hand allows us to better understand our product to ensure it is the best solution.

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