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Single Point Fluid Damped Platform Load Cell – Kanta King

The T16 single point fluid damped platform load cell, also known as oil damped load cell or viscous damped load cell, is a reliable, simple, high precision and low cost solution for dynamic weighing applications, even with off-centre loading. The internal fluid damps the vibrations of the sensing element, offering faster settling times, increased weighing speeds and increased load cell life when compared to a non-damped load cell. It is therefore ideal for high speed check weighing and filling machines.

The internal aluminium sensor element is surrounded by a grade 316 stainless steel housing that is protected to IP68 by a special venting kit – allowing for wash-down in harsh environments that require regular cleaning.  Its maximum operating temperature is a high 70 °C.

Key features:

  1. Capacity range: 5-35kg

  2. High accuracy and fast settling time with off-centre dynamic loads

  3. Bi-directional overload protection

  4. Load cell complies with OIML R60 regulations up to 4000 divisions (C4) for scales according to EN 45501

  5. Viscous damped aluminium alloy load cell; 316 stainless steel housing

  6. IP68 protection if using venting kit

  7. 500mm x 500mm, max. platform size (with load cell placed centrally under platform)

  8. Durable polyurethane cable, ideal for wash-down environments

  9. 2 year warranty

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