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Truck Scale Designs

To provide application advantages, each manufacturer has added distinct characteristics into their truck scale design. Most truck scales, on the other hand, use the same fundamental design elements and options, such as deck and foundation kinds. Understanding the principles of truck scale designs can aid you and your scale provider in determining which manufacturers offer the finest designs for your operation and company requirements.

Choosing Your Scale Supplier

Take your time to find a scale supplier who can give you with the top services in your location. Inquire about the products and services offered by possible scale suppliers; some are proprietary to a single manufacturer, which can be beneficial to your business but may limit your options. Choosing a scale manufacturer who also offers scale service can be advantageous. Having a single point of contact for all of your scale maintenance, servicing, and replacement components can make the process of purchasing and maintaining your scale much easier.

Before deciding on a manufacturer, talk to other truck scale owners or request testimonials from similar businesses in your area from your scale supplier. Knowing firsthand details about scale manufacturers and their reputation for high-quality products and services will help you make a decision.

Scale Design

Although most truck scale manufacturers offer basic vehicle scales, others will create custom designs to fit existing foundations, saving you time and money by avoiding site rebuilding.

Anticipate your truck scale demands based on the largest vehicle you ever plan to weigh at your facility, including future trucks, to ensure your scale is large enough for your application. Truck scales should easily give 25 years or more of dependable service with modest care.

Steel or Concrete Weighbridge?

The choice between a steel deck and a concrete deck weighbridge is a major factor to consider when purchasing a truck scale. Both have their merits. Here are a few distinguishing characteristics that will assist you in selecting the appropriate type.

Concrete Deck Advantages

  1. Concrete provides better traction in wet or icy weather

  2. Five to seven years longer life, and less maintenance needed

  3. More mass means less friction and wear

  4. Better load distribution

During installation, a concrete deck is laid, which takes between 21 to 28 days to cure and is normally done by an outside contractor, adding additional charges to your truck scale purchase at installation. Due to the enormous weight of concrete, cured, factory-poured concrete decks may be damaged during transport and may have higher installation and shipping expenses.

Steel Deck Advantages

  1. Fast installation, and easy relocation and expansion

  2. Lower profiles and variable deck plates are available

  3. Less initial cost and no need to wait for a concrete deck to cure

Steel deck scales are lighter and easier to transfer and expand if needed, and installation normally takes less than one day. Steel decks commonly have traction treads on the driving surface, which are useful in wet weather like rain or snow.

Expansion and Upgrades

The demands of commerce can affect the requirements for weighing applications and processes. Additional modules may need to be added to an existing truck scale system as businesses develop and weighing requirements expand. You must ensure that your scale maker can create an additional module that is compatible with your existing scale.

Some truck scale manufacturers create hinge fasteners that make it simple to install new modules to prolong existing truck scales.

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