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VPG BLH T3P1 Alloy Steel, Tension Canister Load Cell – Ricelake

A single-column device designed for high-capacity tension operations. It has features like low deflection and reliable operation. The device is built with high-quality materials and coated with epoxy for optimal performance in harsh environments. It comes in two capacities, 500 lb and 10,000 lb, and includes 35 ft of load cell cable.

T3P1 Load Cell Specifications

Full Scale Output: 3.0 mV/V

Output Resistance: 350 ohm (+/- 3.5)

Input Resistance: 350 ohm (+/- 3.5)

Material/Finish: High-alloy steel, epoxy coated

Temperature: Operating range 0 °F to 150 °F (-18 °C to 65 °C)

Seal Type: Environmentally sealed, IP67

Safe Overload: 150% full scaleRated Excitation: 5 to 10 V DC (20 V maximum)

Nonlinearity: 0.05% full scale

Hysteresis: 500 lb: 0.05% full scale 1,000 to 10,000 lb: 0.02% full scale

Insulation Resistance: 5,000 megohm

Deflection at Capacity: 500 lb: 0.007 in 1,000 lb: 0.006 in 2,000 lb: 0.005 in 3,000 lb: 0.005 in 5,000 lb: 0.007 in 10,000 lb: 0.005 inCable Length: 35 ft

Cable Color Code: Green +Excitation Black –Excitation White +Signal Red –Signal Yellow Shield

Warranty: Three-year limited

Approvals: FM

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