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Weighbridge terminal and data management

Weighbridges these days allow you to take advantage of the latest technologies, with the purpose of streamlining commercial processes and transactions, collecting information such as the product to be weighed, the price, the tare, the net weight, customer or supplier data, carrier, supporting documents (such as invoice or delivery note), driver identification, vehicle identification, supplements, postage, fees or taxes or quality and origin of materials.

For this purpose, truck scales suppliers usually offer three levels of data management associated with their equipment, which may vary depending on your supplier. Essentially, these solutions can include a weighing terminal, weighbridge management software for the weighbridge or even custom weighing management software, but tailored to your needs.

Weight indicator / Terminal:

This device shows the weighing value, performs simple operations such as showing the gross weight, the tare weight and the net weight, and can memorize the vehicles tare for automatic calculation of the net weight. Optionally, they can also carry out simple weight accumulations, store data and information about the transaction, print simple weighing slips, possibility of self-diagnosis, control of the traffic control system, among others. At Barbal ® we have a wide range of weight indicators, from the simplest to the most complete, adapting it to your needs.

Simple weighing management software:

Connected to the weight indicator, it can control some peripherals of the weighbridge, such as automatic access barriers, traffic control lights, among others. It also allows you to manage all the data mentioned above from a computer connected to the indicator. This software can work as a base for your company’s activity, as it can obtain daily or weekly reports, sorted by product, customer, etc., offering you total control of your operation. Barbal ® has the EXACTUS software, which gives you complete control over your operations.

Tailored weighing management software:

At Barbal ® we are able to adapt the software to the needs of your company, adding or subtracting fields, features, the visual aspect, among others. This will allow you to have a software designed for your specific operation.

Self-service weighing terminal:

You also have the possibility of having a truck scale operating in a fully autonomous manner, 24/7, 365 days a year. If you need to weigh after hours and do not want or cannot have operators around the clock, you can choose to acquire a self-service terminal. In addition to the options described above, you can have the self-service terminal for operation when you do not have an operator present. You can choose to distribute cards to the various drivers for pre-filling in the available fields or for a completely manual filling system by the driver. These terminals can be equipped with a touch screen, with RFID card readers, intercom, Ethernet connection, among others. Consult us for a solution tailored to your needs.

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