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Weights & measures department to reform verification process

The Weights and Measures Department of Delhi govt is set to reform the verification process of measuring instruments by introducing an online system soon. The initiative is expected to significantly benefit thousands of traders and shopkeepers across the city.

he Weights and Measures Department of Delhi govt

The department carries out regular or surprise inspections in the markets, fair price shops, petrol pumps, and gas agencies to check whether measuring and weighing units bear valid verification stamps and deliver correct weight, measure, or volume of commodities.

It initiates prosecution action against short measurement, use of defective and non-standard weights and measures. It also undertakes verification or calibration of auto-rickshaws or taxi fare meters, tank lorries, and petrol dispensing units.

An official said that the new system will allow users to easily deposit the required fees and download certificates for the verification of their measuring instruments. By shifting to an online platform, the department aims to enhance efficiency and reduce the time taken for the verification process.

Applicants will soon have access to this service, which promises to streamline procedures and improve compliance with weights and measures regulations. The convenience of online transactions is anticipated to increase user satisfaction and compliance rates, the official said.

“Presently traders manually give application, then the inspection is done by the department, after which manually fees is deposited and verification certificate is taken, but once the system is complete everything would be done online except the inspection process,” he said, adding that the work is expected to be completed in the couple of months.

This move towards digitization is in line with govt's broader efforts to implement digital solutions across various departments, thus promoting transparency and ease of doing business, said another official.

The traders and shopkeepers stand to gain the most from this initiative, as it will allow them to focus more on their business activities rather than on bureaucratic processes.

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