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What is the Advantage of a Waterproof Scale?

Have you ever bought a scale that you want to use in a humid or moist environment and within a few days it goes kaput? Well, we have seen this with some of our industry like the fishing and the chemicals industry.

These industries have very high water seepage into the weighing scale and because moisture and electronics are perpetual enemies, your scale soon stops working. So, what will you do in these conditions?

Hindustan Scale Company, also known as HSCo, has developed water resistant and waterproof scales for such industries. Now the difference between the two is

Water Resist Scales are resistant to water and moisture. So if you use them in high moisture environment, these scales will not short because of a special chemical coating on its motherboard and a special type of Loadcell that we manufacture. But these scales are not Waterproof. Which means that if you insert the scale in water, the scale will conk off. These scales are made for high humidity environments like chemicals and frozen foods.

We also manufacture full waterproof scales. Those scales, even if fully immersed in water, will not go bad. They are made of special waterproof Motherboards and Loadcells that are hydrophobic in nature and will not be affected with water. These are very popular in the fishing industry and Poultry industry. One more advantage of a fully waterproof scale is they are extremely easy to clean. They just have to be immersed in a bath of Dettol or Phenyle and the scale is clean of all the insects inside the scale (you will be surprised what things we find in the scale). Because of the chemicals used in hydrophobic Loadcells and Motherboards, they become rodent resistant. The smell of the chemicals irritates the noses of the rodents. So they are also popular in granaries and other places where there is a high rodent infestation.

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