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What is UKWF and how to become a member?

UKWF stands for “United Kingdom Weighing Federation”.

UKWF’s objectives include:

  1. To act on regulatory matters emerging at the UK, EC, and international level

  2. To sustain good relations and continuous dialogue with all levels of government agencies and professional bodies

  3. To promote and improve the understanding of modern weighing technology, thereby improving the quality of service given to customers

whereas its activities regarding members interests are pursued through include:

  1. National Measurement Office (formerly the National Weights and Measures Laboratory)

  2. Local authorities Co-ordinators of Regulatory Services (LACORS)

  3. Trade Standards Institute

  4. British Standards Institute

  5. The UKWF is affiliated to and maintains close liaison with the European Federation of Weighing Machine Manufacturers – CECIP

  6. The Technical Officer is a member of the CECIP Legal Metrology Group and we are represented in the business and trade group.

  7. Regional Meetings

If you are interested in becoming a member of the UK Weighing Federation, click on the link provided below and fill the application form below:

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