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Why Quality should be in front of mind when investing in weighing instruments- UKWF

On World Metrology Day today (20 May) UKWF’s legal metrology expert and technical officer, Ian Turner, discusses the importance of accurate weighing and the benefits of using quality weighing products that are serviced and calibrated regularly…

“Weights and measures play a key role in all areas of industry as well as our everyday lives, in fact you’ll struggle to find a part of life that doesn’t require accurate weighing. However, reliable weighing isn’t always a given and can be taken for granted.

“Consumers often assume that they get what they pay for when it comes to buying weighed products, and the quality of products is automatically guaranteed through the production process. However, this very much depends on the quality of the weighing instruments that companies producing the products are using.

So, what should companies consider when investing in weighing instruments?

“First consideration is quality. Buying high quality weighing equipment from fully compliant companies gives you peace of mind and helps to build trust across your supply chain. Quality varies hugely when buying scales and poor quality could have a real impact on your business.

“For example, if the scale in a retail shop isn’t weighing accurating and you’re selling products for less than the weighed value, then this could be the difference between making a profit or a loss. It’s not just about the financial risks – pharmaceutical companies, such as those that have developed vaccines to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic, require accurate weighing instruments to produce the medicines that we need globally.

“So, my advice would be to always buy quality to ensure reliability, accuracy, and durability of the scale, which in turn will support your business operations and the quality of your production. Equally important is to ensure that the scale is compliant with legislation. Buying from a weighing company such as a UKWF member, who complies with our industry code of practice, calibrates weights to international standards, and is required to have ISO9001 certification, can ensure that the weighing equipment you use is compliant. In addition, using a certified weighing company protects your organisation and provides your customers with buying confidence.

“Additionally, think about how and where you’ll be using the weighing instrument and whether it’s suitable for your operating conditions. For example, weighing technology is evolving all the time, particularly digitalisation which could create new opportunities for your businesses. Then after you have purchased the right scale, make sure you invest in good maintenance.

“Like any product, scales can become less accurate over time, particularly in harsh conditions and wear and tear will have an impact on its performance. Proper maintenance and regular inspections are essential to guarantee the reliability of the scale in the long term. Most companies have mandatory requirements on regular inspections as part of their quality management system so good maintenance and calibration services can avoid any problems further down the line.”

UKWF’s partner, CECIP (The European Weighing Association), recently launched a campaign called ‘World without Weighing’ which aims to highlight the importance of using quality weighing instruments.

The campaign brings to life what the world would be like today without quality weighing. From the moment we are born and weighed on baby scales, almost everything we touch has been weighed at some point. Whether it’s the medicine we take, the food we eat, or the car we drive, weighing instruments play a critical role in life. You can read more about this campaign by visiting CECIP » Home

Here in the UK, there are many benefits to using a UKWF member to supply, service, and calibrate your weighing instruments. Find out more about the Benefits Of Choosing A UKWF Member

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