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Wireless Load Cells

The wireless Load Cell is a strain gauge based stainless steel tension type load cell. It has the capability of wirelessly transmitting its data to one of our compatible readouts and displays or recording its data locally. Its inbuilt 32MBit memory can hold up to 280 hours of data which can be downloaded to a PC via its USB cable. The Load Sensor transmits using the worldwide licence-free frequency of 2.4GHz on two built-in antennas.

The Load Cell is used with our HandHeld Receiver which can read several devices at the same time. In addition, the Cabin Display is available for fixed mounting. Or our stand-alone Receiver Interface which is used to output the data via RS232/RS422.

Key Benefits of our Wireless Load Cells:

  1. Available in ranges from 1-50 Tonnes

  2. Wireless, so easy to install and remove between installations

  3. Transmits data up to a distance of 100m

  4. Transmits data at up to 10 times a second

  5. Internal Memory for up to 280 hours of data

  6. 11V to 28V external supply chargeable

  7. Connect to PC via USB

  8. PC software for customer settings

  9. Flexible automatic shutdown to conserve battery

  10. Dual ruggedised internal antennas

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