NMi is now an ‘Issuing Authority’ for R99:2008 and R126:2021


This is to announce that NMi is now approved to issue Organization International of Metrology Legal (OIML) certificates and OIML type evaluation reports for vehicle exhaust emissions measuring instruments and evidential breath analyzers.

Nmi is now approved

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NMi is a company that has his roots back in the in the early Middle Ages. In villages and cities were so-called Calibration Masters appointed by urban administrators. The scales, balances, bows, weights and lengths were introduced to check and inspect the goods. All to promote fairness in trade. Around 1820, the urban Calibration Offices were opened. As far as we know 19 of these offices were opened in the Netherlands, including one in Dordrecht, NL. The calibration offices disappeared over the years. In 1989 we moved from government institution to a private company with a new name, Nederlands Meet Instituut. Later as a member of TNO and present of FDI (First Dutch Innovations).